NJM Introduces Beltorque® BT-ICL Lite Capper

Jul 07, 2021

Accurate and economical in-line capping for a wide range of bottles and closure types

MONTREAL, July 7, 2021 – NJM, a ProMach product brand, introduces its beltorque® BT-ICL Lite Capper at Pack Expo Las Vegas booth C-3514. Delivering the same patented torque technology as the standard, high-speed beltorque but at a lower price point, the BT-ICL caps up to 150 bottles per minute with precise and gentle handling to help ensure product quality. This in-line solution handles a wide range of bottle shapes and sizes, as well as a variety of closure types, with simple mechanics that speed changeover and reduce maintenance.

beltorque BT-ICL Lite Capper

Unlike traditional in-line cappers that use discs or spindles that wear and cause quality issues, every beltorque capper, including the BT-ICL, uses two pairs of belts to gently rotate and tighten caps. By synchronizing the speed of the bottle with the rotating speed of the closure, NJM's innovative design applies precise torque that eliminates damage to the closure and minimizes cap skew and slippage.

"Many customers tell us that, before they installed a new BT-ICL, their traditional disc or spindle cappers were finicky and required near constant supervision. Even during production shifts, their spindle cappers needed manual readjustment to ensure proper handling, which was very labor intensive," said Omar Azam, Inside Sales Manager at NJM. "The BT-ICL is entirely automated, offering repeatable performance without operator monitoring. Customers say the BT-ICL significantly increases their line performance and efficiency."

The beltorque BT-ICL linear, continuous-motion capper is ideal for nutraceuticals, cosmetics, personal care products, pharmaceuticals, foods and more. It handles round, oval, square and rectangular bottles made of plastic or glass from 2 to 12 inches (51 to 305 mm) in height and from 0.5 to 8 inches (13 to 203 mm) in diameter. It can apply child-resistant, flip-top, screw and snap caps made of plastic or metal in sizes up to 4.75 inches (121 mm).

NJM's BT-ICL is designed for fast, easy and accurate changeovers that are achieved in 15 minutes or less with no tools or fine tuning required. Compared to competitive systems, the BT-ICL minimizes manual adjustments with patented cap placement control, dedicated cap application changeparts, a self-adjusting cap chute and more.

To meet the needs of each customer, NJM can equip the BT-ICL with a container spacing wheel or other spacing device to accommodate various container shapes and sizes as well as product weights. When running heavy bottles, dual spacing wheels are used to control container back pressure. When running large bottles, fully-adjustable dual container gripper belts hold the bottle steady during capping. An optional, fully-integrated cap inspection system identifies skewed caps, missing caps, missing foil and fallen bottles and triggers an automatic, heavy-duty reject device. For customers who require more inspection, the standard, hi-speed beltorque features optional torque monitoring.

The BT-ICL is available with either a fully-integrated centrifugal bowl for tall caps or an elevator feeder for other standard closures. It can be equipped with a standard 5-cubic foot (0.14-cubic meter) cap hopper or an optional 9-cubic foot (0.25-cubic meter) cap hopper. The capper offers a compact footprint that is only 7 feet (213 cm) in length and can be mounted on a standard bottle conveyor.

To reduce maintenance and improve durability, the BT-ICL's chute and change parts are precision-machined from solid aluminum and stainless steel. The beltorque BT-ICL Lite Capper features an Allen-Bradley PLC and HMI, AC motors, heavy-duty construction, a stainless-steel cabinet and support frame.

NJM offers a "total solution" approach that includes IQ, OQ, FDS, SDS, SAT and HDS validation support as well as turnkey line integration services to seamlessly combine best-in-class technologies. NJM's world-class aftersales support includes standard and extended warranties, preventative maintenance programs and onsite installation, training and ongoing service.

About NJM

NJM is a single-source provider of automated packaging machinery for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, biopharmaceutical, and personal care industries. Established over 100 years ago, NJM is both a manufacturer of select equipment and an integrator specialist for complete lines that require a high-level of market niche expertise, assisting customers from the earliest stages of project planning and line design through implementation and production. Their offerings include stand-alone solutions and turn-key integrated systems for liquid and solid dose products. NJM is a product brand of ProMach, a global leader in packaging line solutions. As part of the ProMach Pharma business line, NJM helps our customers protect their reputation and grow the trust of their consumers. ProMach is performance, and the proof is in every package. Learn more about NJM at www.NJMPackaging.com and more about ProMach at www.ProMachBuilt.com.

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