NJM Introduces New Options for AUTOCOLT IV Labeler

Oct 12, 2016

October 12, 2016 – NJM Packaging introduces new options for their popular AUTOCOLT IV pressure sensitive labeler. These options can be included on new labelers and most can be retrofitted on installed labelers in the field to expand production capabilities. AUTOCOLT IV is a high speed servo-driven in-line labeler that competes in the market with complex rotary labelers in speed and versatility to offer much faster and easier changeovers with fewer change parts, reduced maintenance, a smaller footprint and a lower capital cost.

NJM equips the AUTOCOLT IV with a wide variety of standardized modules and options to meet the needs of each application and customizes the labeler to each customer’s requirements.

Depending on the modules and options selected, AUTOCOLT IV can accurately label square, rectangular and round bottles from 1 to 14 inches (25 to 355 mm) in height and from 1 to 5 inches (25 to 127 mm) in diameter. It can apply a variety of label configurations including wraparound, multi-panel, front-and-back and outserts at speeds of up to 300 cpm. It can be changed over to handle a new container size and new label size in less than 20 minutes with no tools required. It can be equipped for e-pedigree serialization, RFID tagging and other track and trace initiatives, making it ideal for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, biotech and veterinary products as well as foods, beverages, cosmetics, personal care products and household chemicals.

The new options include an Oscillating Pressure Station for multi-panel labeling, a Vacuum Free Loop for continuous printing of variable data, a soft reject system for vials, color coded change parts and a linear feeder for outsert magazines.

The new Oscillating Pressure Station (OPS) increases the speed of applying multi-panel labels to square or rectangular bottles by wiping down the leading and trailing edges of labels on three or four bottles simultaneously. The system combines servo-driven rotary motion, which is synchronized with container’s linear speed, and a pneumatic wipe-down mechanism to handle multiple bottles per rotation as the bottles are held in place by an overhead belt. Compared to traditional stationary wipers, which are limited to speeds of 120 cpm, NJM’s new OPS achieves speeds of up to 200 cpm.

For high speed applications that require the printing of variable data with a thermal transfer or laser printer, NJM’s new Vacuum Free Loop improves print quality and reduces label web breakage. This servo-driven system pushes the feed roll to reduce web tension during high speed intermittent-motion labeling by driving the web to achieve continuous-motion printing at speeds over 200 cpm.

NJM’s soft reject system is a new option for AUTOCOLT IV labelers that feature the optional trunnion system for labeling vials. The servo-driven trunnion rollers achieve positive container handling to maximize speeds and label placement accuracy, while the new servo-driven starwheel that follows the trunnion system adds positive container handling through a vision inspection station and onto either an ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ conveyor. Ideal for products that require the gentlest handling and applications that demand fail-safe tracking, the soft reject system handles up to 450 cpm.

All AUTOCOLT IV change parts offer quick assembly and removal with no tools required. Color coded change parts are available as an option.

For customers looking to apply outserts, a new linear feeder for outsert magazines can be combined with the optional SIDESERT applicator. The new feeder increases runtime by allowing operators to safely feed multiple outsert magazines without stopping the machine. The feeder automatically ejects empty sleeves to maximize autonomy. It eliminates the need for a dedicated operator while achieving speeds of up to 280 cpm.

Like the stand-alone TOPSERT that can be integrated with the AUTOCOLT IV labeler, the SIDESERT module features a rotating three-arm pick-and-place system and hot melt glue adhesion to secure even the thickest pieces of folded literature, such as double and triple outserts, with accuracy at very high speeds. If sideserts need to be applied to round containers, NJM can equip the AUTOCOLT IV with a servo-driven orienting wrap belt to ensure each sidesert is placed on the container between the leading and trailing edge of the primary label.

An option to identify and redirect bad labels prior to applying the label to the container minimizes rework. It features a servo-driven vacuum roll and a reject label confirmation sensor to confirm faulty labels are transferred to the separate blank web for easy reconciliation.

The AUTOCOLT IV is built from heavy-duty stainless steel and anodized aluminum with rugged, high-quality components to offer extreme durability and long equipment life. Its cabinet-style base features an electrical enclosure on a pull-out drawer to ease access for maintenance.

Servo motors and AC motors maximize performance accuracy and minimize maintenance. Allen-Bradley servo drives are managed by an Allen-Bradley PLC that easily connects with other components via the EtherNet/IP network. The labeler features a 10-inch Allen-Bradley color touchscreen that offers an intuitive user interface to ease operation and minimize training.

Clear Lexan guarding with safety interlocking doors is standard on the OPS module, trunnion system and the linear outsert magazine feeder, and it is optional on other systems.

About NJM

NJM is a single-source provider of automated packaging machinery for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, biopharmaceutical, and personal care industries. Established over 100 years ago, NJM is both a manufacturer of select equipment and an integrator specialist for complete lines that require a high-level of market niche expertise, assisting customers from the earliest stages of project planning and line design through implementation and production. Their offerings include stand-alone solutions and turn-key integrated systems for liquid and solid dose products. NJM is a product brand of ProMach, a global leader in packaging line solutions. As part of the ProMach Pharma business line, NJM helps our customers protect their reputation and grow the trust of their consumers. ProMach is performance, and the proof is in every package. Learn more about NJM at www.NJMPackaging.com and more about ProMach at www.ProMachBuilt.com.

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