NJM Packaging Introduces the Cremer CFS-622

Jun 12, 2013

June 12, 2013 – NJM Packaging introduces the Cremer CFS-622 Tablet Counter at its Pack Expo Las Vegas booth #1714. This versatile servo driven counting and filling system features a modular design that accommodates up to four counting modules to fill up to 170 bottles per minute (bpm), based on 60-count bottles. It handles almost any size tablet, capsule or softgel and fills almost any bottle while achieving 100 percent counting accuracy at unprecedented speeds. This state-of-the-art tablet counter increases productivity and maximizes efficiency within its compact footprint.

The new Cremer CFS-622 Tablet Counter features a main frame with fixed side panels that accommodate one, two, three or four counting modules to meet the required output. The innovative and patented counting modules each feature six discharge channels that enable it to achieve outputs of up to 50 bpm per counting module, up to a maximum of 170 bpm. The number of counting modules can easily be modified in the field as production needs change.

The servo driven feedscrew and “dipping” filling nozzles provide fast and accurate transportation and filling of almost any type of bottle. Servo driven vibratory plates, product separator flaps and discharge flaps provide fast and consistent product flow while minimizing maintenance.

The Cremer CFS-622 handles coated and uncoated tablets, capsules and gelcaps from 3 to 30 mm (0.08 to 1.16 inches) in length and from 2 to 20 mm (0.08 to 0.79 inches) in diameter. It fills round, oval and rectangular bottles made of glass or plastic that are 40 to 200 mm (1.6 to 7.9 inches) high and 20 to 125 mm (0.8 to 4.9 inches) in diameter.

Changeovers are fast and easy. The tablet format can be changed in seconds via the color touchscreen control panel by simply loading the new product recipe stored in the system’s memory. Bottle size changes can be made in less than five minutes, with no tools required, by changing the feedscrew and the funnels.

With its GMP-compliant modular design, the tool-free removal of contact parts for cleaning requires no specific skills and takes less than two minutes to perform. The product contact parts are all made of food grade materials and are suitable for autoclave cleaning. Optional cleaning trolleys can be used for convenient contact part cleaning and storage.

The Cremer CFS-622 meets 21 CFR part 11 guidelines. All machine functions can be controlled and monitored via the intuitive user-friendly touchscreen control panel. The transparent enclosure enables easy accessibility while maintaining worker safety.

Because of its small footprint – only 3076 mm (121 inches) long and 1896 mm (74.6 inches) wide – this tablet counter can be easily integrated into new or existing pharmaceutical packaging and nutraceutical packaging lines.

The CFS-622 can be equipped with optional dust extraction and/or static elimination systems to prevent dust and product adhesion to the infrared product detection unit and discharge channels. The standard bottle reject mechanism guarantees that only correctly filled bottles pass through the outfeed conveyor.

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