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NJM Packaging has added the Biotech industry to its core of expertise through our partner, Dara Pharmaceutical. This respected machine builder is working with us to provide the deep knowledge of liquid filling and closing systems needed to support our customers in the Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical industries.

We can now provide compact machines for:

  • Filling and closing vials,
  • Filling and closing syringes,
  • High-speed filling and closing for ROPP caps,
  • Filling and closing for ophthalmic and nasal sprays

Designed to provide liquid filling and closing systems necessary to support customers in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries, NJM Packaging, partnering with Dara Pharmaceutical, provides compact machines for filling and closing vials, syringes, ROPP caps, and ophthalmic and nasal sprays.

Through an integral partnership with Dara Pharmaceutical, NJM Packaging is able to meet the stringent needs of customers in the challenging pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries. With capabilities to fill and close unique biotech products, manufacturers experience safe, sterile, and efficient production.

Offered by our partner, Dara Pharmaceutical Packaging, NJM Packaging provides innovative aseptic liquid filling and closing machines. These systems feature rugged construction, high quality components, and an innovative design to process a wide range of products including vials, cartridges, sprays, syringes, and ROPP caps.

The syringe filling machine is a compact rotary machines used for automatic and individual processing of syringes. Designed for sterile room applications, this equipment is in compliance with the cGMP requirements.

Cartridge filling and closing is also available from NJM, through Dara. The SYX-E-C is a compact starwheel system used to fill and close disposable cartridges for injectable products in sterile applications providing security and dosing accuracy for medical injections.

Dara’s SX-210 PP and HSL Linear Rack High Speed Vial Filling are compact machines for automatic processing of vials and the aseptic filling and closing of vials and bottles for glass, plastic, or metal in sterile areas or clean rooms. This system features toolless changeover, versatility, and high speeds. The vial filling station includes a peristaltic pump for liquid products or a volumetric filling station for viscous or powder products, ensuring that all product needs are met effectively and efficiently.

Microtube packaging equipment is available to fill and close microtubes. Designed to be used in sterile room applications, this equipment is used in the biotech industry. This filling and closing machines automatically process microtubes quickly with an output of 3,60 uph.

Through Dara, NJM Packaging offers a wide range of filling and capping machines for the biotechnology industry. From nested syringes, cartridges, and vials to washers and tunnels, NJM Packaging ensures quick and effective production of biopharmaceutical products in a sterile environment.